Secret Source


Galeriehaus Hof

Am Sophienberg 28

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr


mike müller – drums | marQs plietsch – bass | greta plietsch – vocals | oli schmidt – guitar | dr. wok – visuals

greta, singer, finder of lyrics. develops intuitive semantic tools to format the current century with future mind technology. student of psychomechanics.

marQs, bass playing entity, sound shaper. experiments with sounds since forever, gardener and cook for source music.

oli schmidt, electron guitar player. infects people with great taste, able to play pieces designed for eight hands on four detuned pianos with just two hands on a single guitar.

mike müller, drummer. fertilized NYC with groove pretending to do drum classes. creates levitating grooves that require way more extremities than the standard homo sapiens usually gets supplied with. found a slick way of hiding additional arms and legs behind standard clothing.

dr. wok, visualist. creates psychedelic worlds for the eye to distract the audience from the music. infiltrates primates running on mainly optical software to persuade third eyes to pass on the call of the secret source to third ears.

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