Swan Valley Heights + Kosmodrom


Glashaus Bayreuth

Universitätsstr. 30

Einlass: 20:00 Uhr
Beginn: 21:00 Uhr



VVK: 5€ // AK: 6€ // Beginn: 20:00 // Einlas: 21:00


Hailed as almost everything from prog stoner to psychedelic fuzzrock to space grunge, the Munich and Berlin based three-piece that is Swan Valley Heights bewitches you with endlessly swirling spacescapes, just to mow you down the next second with almost obsessive riffcraft.

Swan Valley Heights released their self-titled debut album via Oak Island Records, which was praised as one of 2016's finest stoner records by various fanzine heavyweights. 

After touring Germany twice during the last two years and playing major festivals like VOID Fest and Keep It Low, Swan Valley Heights are keen on hitting Europe's roads big time in 2018.

Swan Valley Heights - full album

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